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Homeschooling High School in Middle Tennessee

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My latest book is up in my shop! This one lays out how Tennessee scholarships work, and what it takes to get them. It goes over dual enrollment and how that works. Diplomas, transcripts, and credits are all discussed. I talk about driving permit forms and list a few local driving schools. I also list proms open to all homeschoolers. I also feature is this ebook is a humongous list of homeschool groups that serve high schoolers in Middle Tennessee! All of this info is in my gigantic “The Complete Guide to Homeschooling in Middle Tennessee”, but I thought I’d cut out a slice of that book for those who just want to see how to access high school opportunities as homeschoolers.

36 pages and ten bucks—check it out in my shop!

Homeschooling High School in Middle Tennessee logo
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Holiday Homeschooling!

What does your homeschooling look like during that busy time between Thanksgiving and Epiphany? Many homeschoolers take a break from whatever routine they had to do all the Christmas season things! Have you gone to a drive through light show yet? Here are a few of the popular ones:

  • Dancing Lights of Christmas, Lebanon, $30 a car load
  • Hoover Lights at Chapel Hill – free!
  • Franktown Festival of Lights, Franklin, $30 a car load

Staying toasty and warm at home is always an option too! The holiday season is perfect for spending more time in the kitchen and leveling up those cooking skills making gingerbread and other treats! Our family also loves making crafts and ornaments during the holidays!

Other seasonal events happening are the Zoolumination at the Nashville Zoo, Explore ICE, the Cheekwood Holiday lights, and Christmas parades!

What are your favorite Christmas-time homeschooling activities? Are there any Nashville or local area holiday attractions that you would recommend? Drop a comment and let me know!

Check out my super duper big homeschooling book in my shop, The Complete Guide to Homeschooling in Middle Tennessee, for absolutely all the info on homeschooling in the Nashville area!

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Save Time and Money Middle TN Homeschoolers!

This is the official website of Ivey Homeschool Solutions, a business dedicated to helping homeschool families find the resources they need to help their children thrive! Check out my mega-informative ebook, The Complete Guide to Homeschooling in Middle Tennessee, in my shop. It is a tremendous resource to help you navigate the local homeschooling scene as your child grows. My book is a little different than others you might have read because it is specific to the Middle Tennessee area: from the Tennessee River to the Cumberland Plateau. At 176 pages, it showcases hundreds of opportunities for homeschoolers in this area!

I’ve been homeschooling in Tennessee for seventeen years and have seven children ages 6-24. I’ve got one college graduate, one trade school graduate, and a soon-to-be high school graduate! I’ve been where you are and have noticed that homeschooling information has gotten harder to find, which is counterintuitive in the internet age!

I decided, shoot, I’ll just write it all down and put it in one place! I’ve got homeschool groups listed by county, sports, dance, music, art, volunteering, field trips, bonus classes, and special interest clubs. I’ve also got the traditional youth organizations listed with detailed writeups. Plus the legal stuff, the contact information you need, a guide to homeschooling high school along with all the TN scholarship info, special needs resources, etc. My book is completely linked up, so you don’t have to go googling!

I hope is to save you both time and money by connecting you to the right opportunities right away!

I plan to start scheduling consultations soon for those of you who want to talk further about homeschooling!