Homeschooling High School in Middle Tennessee


I’ve written this 36 page book to put all the pertinent information when it comes to homeschooling a high schooler in one place. Homeschool groups, college scholarships, vocational schools, proms, driving, credits, diplomas are all topics discussed. If you’re looking for information that’s to the point, here it is!

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Just for Middle Tennessee homeschoolers, this ebook provides information and links on the following:

  • Homeschool groups serving high schoolers organized by county: tutorials, co-ops, and social groups
  • College entrance and scholarship information, complete with links and deadlines
  • Driving schools, and the progress of education letter for getting a permit
  • Proms and formals
  • Vocational schools
  • Dual enrollment
  • Getting college credit while in high school

This book is just an excerpt from my larger work, The Complete Guide to Homeschooling in Middle Tennessee, which I would recommend if you have a wide age range, or want to see even more homeschooling opportunities!

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